I have a love/hate relationship with the internet.  You can literally find information to support ANY idea you have!  Whenever I search Google, I am always two clicks away from the information I actually need and four clicks past the world is ending in two weeks.  Don’t worry, the world or at least the internet, will be here tomorrow.  But let me help you with this thing called “information overload” as it relates to the internet and finding useful information (IDT related of course).

You know how you add contacts to your phone one person at a time?  I will be adding resources one (or three and a few bookmarks) at a time.  Below are my navigation hot spots, a lighthouse (of information) – if you will – safely guiding me away form the sharp cliffs and destructing caused by misinformation.

  1. eLearning Industry –

In anything, you should find a mentor.  A mentor is someone who knows more than you and can guide you to experts and additional resources for your growth and development.  That is exactly what this site is, an eMentor!  Here you will find articles on IDT as it relates to education, business training, and special needs training to say the least.  There are also articles for enhancing the interactive experience, design development, industry trends, and best practices.  And when you get tired of reading, there are webinars like the one below!!!  P.s. There is also an events tab where you can find real like IDT people gathered in one place at the same time.

2.  The eLearning Coach –

Consider this site the eLibrary.  It’s a wealth of how to articles on eLearning designs complete with podcasts.  Libraries are full of additional sections that you never knew you needed.  Under this heading you will find information on multimedia (graphics, audio, and authoring tools).  And what’s a good library without a librarian who has read the latest books and can give you a book review?  Hopefully, you’ll never find out!  But this site does indeed provide book reviews.  I fancy going through the books in the below link.


3. Train Like A Champion –

Perspective, from the lens of the business trainer.  I am a training professional/process improvement specialist.  In my brief time between undergrad and now I have authored training manuals, onboarding materials, SOPs (standard operating procedures), etc.  This background is important because this particular blog is dedicated to the business training professional.  It puts into prospective training theories and practices with real life reflection.  It also has a section for must read books and webinars.  Of important note to the training business professional, in 2015 the Association for Talent Development spotlighted this particular blog.  In my floundering about the internet I noticed IDT is more easily related to education than learning and development.  This resource is a specialization jewel.

Here’s to safe surfing, of the internet.  “May the odds forever be in your favor.”


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